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Great Desert Explorers
Andrew Goudie.
St Cross, Oxford 2006
An entertaining and authoritative accounts of the greatest explorers with diary extracts ... http://www.oxbowbooks.com/oxbow/great-desert-explorers.html

Nile Waters, Saharan Sands, Adventures of a Geomorphologist at large
Martin Williams. 
Springer Biographies 2016 ISBN 978-3-319-25443-2
An interesting and amusing account in language all can understand the life of a geomorphologist over 50 years of study in arid and semi arid zones from China to the Sahara.

Climate Change in Deserts Past, Present and Future
Martin Williams. 
Cambridge University Press, 2014

Martin Williams, University of Adelaide, has attended some 'desert dinners' in the past, and he brought and carried out scientific projects on a number of expeditions with some members of the Club.

Operation Salam - László Almásy's most daring Mission in the Desert War
Kuno Gross, Michael Rolke & András Zboray.
 Belleville Verlag Michael Farin, 2013
This book is the result of a multi-year collaborative research effort by the authors, following the trail of László Almásy, partially in the musty gloom of remote document archives, but also in a very real sense, in the scorching sands of the Libyan Desert. Our objective was to give a complete and balanced account of the activities of Almásy in North Africa during the Second World War, culminating in the daring Operation Salam which succeeded in delivering two German spies to Egypt across the vast Libyan Desert, practically under the nose of the enemy.

Imensity: Exploration of the Western Desert by Motorcar
Andrew Goudie. St Cross, Oxford 2006
This is a fascinating short account of exploration of the Libyan Desert and travel through to and including the Second World War.  It is clearly well researched and includes information and photographs not seen in most other books.

Shadow Across the Sahara
John Hare.
  Constable, London.   2003
John, a longstanding member of the Club who has been our speaker at a number of dinners, gives an account of remarkable journey from Nigeria to the north coast of Libya by camel.

Searching for Wild Camels and Lost Cities in the Heart of Asia
John Hare  I.B. Tauris.
John has produced a volume about his recent travels in the Gobi:

Wheels across the desert - exploration of the Libyan Desert by motorcar 1916 - 1942.
Andrew Goudie.  Silphium Books 2008

The emergence of Libya
John Wright. Silphium Books 2009
This volume on Libya comprises Selected Historical Essays. It is an imprint of the Society for Libyan Studies.

The Hunt for Zerzura: The Lost Oasis and the Desert War
Saul Kelly.  John Murray 2002

Adrar Bous - Archaeology of a Central Saharan Granite Ring Structure Complex in Niger
Professor Diane Gifford-Gonzalez Royal Museum for Central Africa - Tervuren 2008
 Professor Gifford-Gonzalez assumed general editorship of the monograph on the death of Professor J Desmond Clark: .  Important contributions are made by Professor Martin Williams and Professor Andrew Smith who worked on the expedition.   David N Hall provides a preface.  Published by The Royal Museum for Central Africa, Tervuren.  ISBN 978-9-0747-5243-5.  It illustrates the worthiness of all the work to all members of the expedition, some of whom are members of the Desert Dining Club

Russell McGuirkLight Car Patrols, 1916-19: War and Exploration in Egypt and Libya with the Model T Ford.  Silphium Press.

Eamonn P B Gearon  The Sahara: A Cultural History.

Andras Zboray and colleagues on Count d'Almasy: Operation Salam. 

Robin Hanbury-Tenison has suggested further reading in a list at the end of Barnaby Rogerson's list.